I'm James Potter, a maker, founder and full-stack developer from the UK.

Right now I spend most of my time building Rephonic.

Meals.Chat is an iPhone app and Telegram bot. You send it a picture of your food (or drink) and it guesses the calories, macros and ingredients with GPT-4 Vision. You can set daily goals and track your diet.

February 2024 Swift Django

roger-roger is an experiment built with my friend Nimesh playing with the idea of sharing your real-time location with your close friends, creating spontaneous meetups and getting notified when they're close by.

October 2023 React Native Django

Reletter is an email newsletter database. Use it to find, contact and get featured in 1.5m+ newsletters. The eventual goal is to index every public newsletter on the web.

February 2023 React Django Dramatiq Elasticsearch

Board Around the World lets you pick a month to see the spots with the best conditions to go surfing, snowboarding and kitesurfing anywhere in the world.

February 2023 React Mapbox

Chard is a simple async/await background task queue for Django. One process, no threads, no other dependencies.

September 2022 Python Django

What are the most upvoted users of Hacker News commenting on? HN Leaders turns their comments into a Twitter-like feed.

August 2021 Python Django

I wrote an article exploring whether Hacker News is a good predictor of future tech trends.

August 2021

This Podcast Does Not Exist was an AI-generated podcast experiment. All of the topics, content and episode summaries are automatically generated by GPT-3.

July 2020 Python GPT-3 Google Text-to-Speech

Rephonic is a podcast outreach database with estimated listeners, social reach and contacts across 3m+ podcasts.

November 2020 React Django Dramatiq Elasticsearch

Rate This Podcast lets you create a short, memorable link to read on-air that gets you more ratings and reviews for your podcast.

January 2020 React Django

Wikiscope uses your current location to find Wikipedia articles tagged to the world around you and overlays them on to your phone's camera.

Featured by Apple in APAC.

October 2019 React Native Three.js

Jackfruit is a bot for remote teams that adds an always-on video room to your Slack channels.

Acquired in November 2019.

July 2019 Django React Redux WebRTC

I crossed the United States coast-to-coast in Georgia, a converted cargo van. The trip spanned 3400 miles across 11 states.

May 2019

QTIME was a Wi-Fi connected HDMI cable and smartphone app that let parents set daily time limits for their kid's games console. I created it with my dad and we manufactured it in China.

June 2017 Django React Native C Firebase

Lokasi combines your Moves location history with Google Street View imagery to create an automatic visual diary.

Moves shut down so this is no longer online.

July 2017 Django Moves API Street View API

Stretch is a bit like Uber. Except that it's free, there is only one vehicle available (a limousine) and it could be literally anywhere in the United States at this moment.

May 2017 React Native Django

The Limo Diaries was an expedition to drive a 28-foot Lincoln stretch limousine to all of the 'lower 48' contiguous US states.

It took us three months, 15000 miles of driving and three visits to a mechanic.

March 2017

Siphon was an attempt to create a Heroku-like workflow for publishing React Native apps.

Oct 2015 — July 2016 React Native Go Python Django Objective-C Java

Tradewave was an algorithmic trading platform for cryptocurrencies that let you write Python trading strategies, backtest them and trade live. All in the browser.

I raised seed funding and scaled it to $1m+ monthly trading volume at its peak.

January 2014 Django Python/Cython Backbone RabbitMQ Pandas

GuestSort was a viral guest list and event registration app for iPhone and iPad. Freelance project for a client.

November 2013 Objective-C iPhone SDK

Poster Montage was an iPad app that let you rotate, arrange and zoom your photos any way you like, to create poster-sized collages.

July 2013 Objective-C iPhone SDK

Color Scheme for iPhone lets you extract a palette of colours from any scene. Simply snap a picture or select an existing image from your gallery.

July 2012 Objective-C iPhone SDK

I spent the summer of 2011 interning at InboxQ, a Y Combinator company based in San Francisco.

I built a native iPhone app to bring their service to mobile. It was my first production app for iPhone.

July 2011 Objective-C iPhone SDK

Color Scheme for Android was my first attempt at building a native Android app and somehow it's still live and actually works.

It lets you extract a palette of colours from any scene. Simply snap a picture or select an existing image from your gallery. 40,000+ downloads.

May 2011 Java Android SDK
Stripe Tax Filing Calculator